Success” Highlights include:


  • Business Skills Assessment
  • Current Success Status Assessment
  • Personal Default Assessment
  • New Direction Road Map
  • Partnering Sales Techniques
  • Communication Awareness
  • Determining Profitable Markets
  • Profit Focused Time Management Skills
  • Understanding Your Prospect
  • Decision Making Consistency and Focus
  • Goal Determination
  • Accountability Processes
  • Change Management Tools
  • Industry Trade Review  

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ICCA adds “Success” to it’s recommended list!

“If you’re willing to be honest with yourself as you read through this text, you’re likely to find numerous helpful pointers as well as the motivation to really make changes that will impact your business.”
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Author, Andrew Szilva has put his years of experience working in the SMB technology market into a uniquely focused look at the most important factor in your business success…YOU! Written as a per-sonal workbook for each reader, you are able to customize the skills, concepts and tools that are clearly covered to meet your own business situation.

In an industry that is constantly changing and evolving and a market that produces significant daily challenges, it is too easy to lose focus on business goals and objec-tives. As you complete each chapter and supply the re-quested information, Mr. Szilva allows for an objective assessment of your current situation. Once completed you are guided to a more solid and profitable business strategy. The result for the reader is a new awareness, a clearer understanding, renewed optimism and the motiva-tion necessary to make the most out of your daily efforts.

In today’s business climate the information in “Success” takes on even greater value and importance. Give your-self every possible advantage to succeed and increase your earnings. If you are like the rest of the industry, op-portunities are fewer and fewer. Don’t miss out on an-other profitable opportunity. Order your copy today!

“Success: Are You Earning What You Deserve?”
Author: Andrew Szilva
Price: $17.00

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