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To be at the top of your game, all elements of your business must be operating at acceptable levels. ALN Group believes all aspects of your business are in constant motion.

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One of the most overlooked aspects of establishing a new business and evaluating an existing operation is formal business planning.

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ALN Group employs a talented Creative Services team. Direct mail, print and broadcast advertising, sales collateral, web design, merchandising, event solicitations, packaging, special events; - you name it, we do it.

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Accountability seems to be a foreign word to most small businesses. Who is responsible for what and what level of expectation should you have? What are the standards for acceptable production? Do you really know who your top performers are?

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Sales and Business development is about one word, Results. If you find sales flat or declining or are looking for a boost, call us to discuss a in house sales training that is based on your needs and goals.

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Andrew Szilva, President of ALN Group has developed a reputation for thought provoking, inspiring and motivating presentations. However, it's not just the content, it's the results.

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